Tuesday, January 17, 2006

International meeting in London

there will be a first international meeting end of february that will bring us further in the detailed structure and philosophy of Blakeproject and the webpage. So spread your wings and meet you there! As soon as we know the exact date, we will but it on the blog.


Blogger Robbert said...

Hey Victor, Hey Tarakeshvara,
Great initiative. "The ancient of days" was transformed into a representation of Shri Mataji, a backdrop for a Navartri Puja several years ago (late nineties). i have photographs - you want a copy that could be published in your blog??
If you come to London we can also work on another 'backdrop' which will integrate a large landscape and several Blake compositions. Please call on +44 7951661247, +44 208 8105136 or (work) +44 207 343 8333. You may know Shri Mataji is coming to UK?? Best, Robbert (Ruigrok). Welcome also to our home in Ealing (W London)

10:41 AM  

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