Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The international Blake Meeting

On Fryday the 24 th of February an incredible inspiring international Blake meeting took place.

Artists and Blake-scientists were there as well as supporting future members of the "Friends of William Blake Group".
Project ideas for the year 2007 which is the 250 anniversary of William Blakes birthday were discussed.
Also the fact that the spot of his grave was rediscovered by Luis and Carol Carrido. One of the goals of the friends of Blake Group will be to set up a respectful and artistic monument at the original spot of the grave.

Carol with the published article

The lonesome spot.

The meeting in the evening was so inspiring that there are only very few fotos, but there is a nice scetch from Sharmila.

Luis explaining the painting of the last judgement to all of us. The meaning of each and every little figure in it.
Victor wanted to sing at the same time, as it looks....

Sharmila and Ziya, the chairman of the friends of William Blake group.

Fergie and Tarakeshwara in action...
And the last one gives a survey of a so called creative chaos that gave birth to so many new ideas. The meeting ended at three o clock in the morning.


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