Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Communication and contact

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International meeting in London

there will be a first international meeting end of february that will bring us further in the detailed structure and philosophy of Blakeproject and the webpage. So spread your wings and meet you there! As soon as we know the exact date, we will but it on the blog.

Monday, January 09, 2006

listen to Blake

the unique voice of Victor Vertunni di Albanella made it possible that the essence of the songs of innocence and expirience came to life again
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  • William Blake Songs

  • sculpt blake

    the threedimensional kind of Blake paintings inspired me to work out a relief with lights from the background.
    "The old of the days" Size is 125 cm height and 80 width.
    Latest News came in from New Jerusalem:
    This is Jesus Christ in the Agnya Chakra pushing down the Ego and Superego, and His hair represent the Sahasrara.
    T. Laubenvogel

    More work you will find on

  • www.laubenvogel.com

  • Ps.: It still is on sale!

    re-edition Songs of innocence

    there will be a re - edition of the prints of Songs of Innocence available in german in english in A5 format and as a world premiere:
    an illuminated german edition (Lieder der Unschuld) translation by Tarakeshwara Laubenvogel and the adopted grafics in a printing- technique very similar to the one William Blake developed. More news about that coming soon.

    How it started

    It surely started nearly 250 years back, but the echo of that visionary happening, the birth of William Blake resounded through nature in autumn 2005, when Victor Vertunni di Albanella, his wife Monia Giovannangeli and Tarakeshwara Laubenvogel gave a show at another historical place, where a genius setted standards for eternity, at Schloss Stuppach, the origin of Mozarts last and most mysterious work, the Requiem.
    They gave a show of the songs of innocence, wonderfully transported through Victors beautiful and harmonious songs, Giovanangelis pittoresque dance and Tarakeshwaras passionate translations of the poems into German language.

    at the rehearsal Tarakeshwara and Victor

    the song Sunflower Monia Giovannangeli